The department is headed by dean of studies Mr. Karori J. Karanja who is assisted by

  1. Jorum Mvoyi
  2. Stephen Kamande
  3. Robert Kiponda
  4. Elizabeth Gereza

The department is committed in coordinating academic programmes namely

  1. Academic clinic
  2. Supervision of lessons attendance
  • Registration of candidates
  1. Academic guidance/ career guidance
  2. Organizing prize giving
  3. Analysis of examination both internal and external
  • Production of report forms
  • Organizing of academic trips


To be a leading department in identifying and mending academic and curriculum gaps in the teaching/learning process for excellent results.


To enhance academic environment and set standards that would enable learners to acquire the right knowledge, skills and attitudes that are relevant to career advancement in contemporary society.

Expected results

  1. Effective teachings
  2. Effective attendance of school program
  • Good academic performance


  1. Coordinate full class attendance
  2. Commitment to all school programmes
  • Respect to authority
  1. Academics for excellence
  2. Functional systems for enhanced validity ,credibility and excellence

Strategic Objectives

  • To increase the number of quality grades to 85% by the year 2024
  • To achieve a school mean of 10.00 by the year 2024

Core Values

Team work, integrity, hard work, professionalism, timeliness, responsibility

Academic strategies for improvement

  1. Being prayerful at all times. Inculcating religious morals – prayers every Wednesday for Spiritual nourishment.
  2. Adequate syllabus coverage by September 2022.
  3. Discipline – Ensure collective and concerted effort to create a conducive teaching and learning environment.
  4. Emphasis on English composition and Kiswahili Insha writing.
  5. Emphasis on Science practicals.
  6. Parental involvement in academic days to monitor students’ academic progress.
  7. Provision of adequate revision papers from National Schools.
  8. KCSE Examiners be invited to guide the learners on common mistakes made by students. To also utilize internal examiners.
  9. Remedial teaching
  10. Parents to ensure holiday assignments are done by students while at home.
  11. Peer teaching to be done to increase the teacher – student contact.
  12. Special attention/individualized program for the lower achievers (Stratification of learners).
  13. Embrace team teaching to increase teacher-students contact.
  14. Efficient time management – No time wasted in “bases”, movement by running etc.
  15. Encourage group discussion among students.
  16. Students and teachers motivation through rewards for effort made i.e Academic goat, bread award for position 1, 2, 3 and prize giving to motivate all learners, teachers and workers.
  17. Educational tours/trips, symposiums, outings.
  18. Clarion call – Operation C+ and above.
  19. Constant and consistent guidance and Counseling talks to improve academic performance.
  20. Improvement of sanitation facilities in the school.
  21. Improve the staff shortages through B.O.M employing teachers.
  22. Equip academic Department for effective curriculum implementation.
  23. Improve teaching and learning environment (in class).
  24. Improve and work on behavior change and mind set of students by both teachers and parents.
  25. Use of table serving of meals to save on time.