The department is made up of two main sections. The accommodation and catering sections.

The department has a boarding master in charge assisted by two assistant boarding masters.

The accommodation section

This section is managed by the boarding master, assistant boarding masters, house masters, assistant house masters/mistresses and house captains.

There are nine houses used to accommodate students within the institution. Each house has a house master in charge assisted by an assistant house master/mistress and house captain who help in the running of the daily activities of the respective houses.

Eight of the nine houses are named after great African countries and one after a philanthropist who financed its construction that is:

Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Nigeria, Cameroon, Zambia, Egypt, Ghana, Oigara

Cleanliness being our great priority, students clean their houses on a daily basis and do a general cleaning every Saturday. To encourage the students to embrace cleanliness in both the house and the tuition area, the school provides HE goats for the cleanest house and classes per form at the end of each term.

There are many interactive sessions such as house meeting between the teachers and the boys to discuss various issues on students’ welfare in the houses which take place every Friday morning.