The bursar’s office is committed to providing efficient administrative and financial services to the students, staff, parents and families. We serve as the main monetary collection points for Mpeketoni Boys High School in addition to all sorts of administration support and strive to offer the best possible service consistent with policies and regulations evolved by the head office. We consistently review our practices to work in harmony with the academic departments in an efficient manner.

The teams under our management do their best to keep students and staff happy, secure and engaged to meet the challenges of providing efficient Administrative Services to the school residents which include catering/messing, Medical, Mechanical, Transport etc. Providing administrative support to more than 900 residential Students, and administrations staff members and their families is no doubt a challenging task. We are proud that the various departments work day and night to come up to the expectations of all concerned.

We invite people to visit this beautiful National School and to see by themselves the excellent services being provided by the school management. We also thank you for visiting our website and hope you will also visit our school soon.


The Bursar Office-Mpeketoni Boys High School