Welcome to Mpeketoni Boys High School’s form four class of 2022 website. Form four class of 2022 consist of five streams. These classes are distinct yet similar in the following aspects;

1. Form Four Blue is headed by Md. Kimberly and has 49 students

2. Form Four Green is chaperoned by Md. Jackline and has 44 students

3. Form Four Red is supervised by Mr. Mwanje and has 50 students

4. Form Four White is guided by Mr. Hassan and has 46 students

5. Form Four Yellow is managed by Mr. Mvoi and has 45 students

Discipline, integrity, hard work, self-drive and dedication just to mention a few are integral values that drives the class with an aim of not only leaving a mark in the school but most importantly at National, Regional and International space. The class symbolizes growth in all aspect demonstrating the number of years they have spent in the school being sharpened and molded through a transformative education delivered by a team of dedicated and competent teachers. The holistic development inculcated in students is bolstered by a team of dedicated support staffs who provides an integral cog to complete a self-sustaining educational structure.

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