Mpeketoni Boys High School is situated in Lamu County, Lamu West Constituency. It is situated in Mpeketoni Township about 50Km from Lamu Town and about 290 Kilometers from Mombasa along the Northern Coast Line. It was started in 1977 as a Harambee School. This was a response to the growing population in Lamu District. The need for establishing the school was further accelerated by the opening up of Lake Kenyatta Settlement scheme where people of various cultural diversities had settled thus transforming the district into an integrated cosmopolitan society. Lamu County has a population of 117,711 people 62,387 males and 55,324 females (As per 2009 Census). The poverty index in the district is estimated to be 31.6% with a projected poor population of 31.197 and non poor population of 80,514 people. The school main catchment area for form ones admission is made up of a primary school enrollment of 11,675 boys and 10,855 girls as 2014. The school has 42 acres of Land which is properly utilized.

Since establishment, the school has continued to pursue its core functions of academic Excellence. The school opened its doors for admission of its pioneer cohort of 31 boys and 9 girls in the year 1977. The school humble beginning was made up of simple infrastructure comprising of 3 classes, 1 boys dormitories and 0 girls dormitories, 3 male teachers, 1 female teacher and teachers staff room. The founding school head teacher was Mr. James Umuru Jillo. Since then, the school has been headed successfully by various head teachers and chairpersons of Board of Governors. Currently the school has a modern multipurpose ha II, has 8 dorms, once ICT Room, Two school buses, administration block and a backup power generator among others.

Over the years, the school has successfully graduated students in Form 4 to a cumulative total 2000 boys and 1200 girls. A good proportion of these students have progressed to university education in various national public universities for their first and second degrees while majority have joined middle level colleges for further professional training. The county continues to enjoy the level colleges for further professional training. The county continue to enjoy the professional service of the alumni of Mpeketoni Secondary School in various fields, public service and private sectors of development.

Currently, the school has a student of 950 boys. The school has 5 streams. The school has had the best performance mean score of 6.6 attained in the year 2007 putting the school in the leading position in the County and among the top schools in Mombasa region. Mpeketoni Boys High School has 12 female teachers and 30 male teachers and 30 support staff. The school developed its second strategic plan 2015-2019. The plan that sought to implement largely the Kenyan Education Sector Support Programmes KESSP activities aimed at delivering quality education. The plan also ushered in the new dispensation where the school was elevated to the status of a national school. The school has grown in terms of infrastructure and human resource development.

History of The School-Mpeketoni Boys