To be an effective department including critical thinking in learners so that learners can research.


To provide an enabling environment that will encourage right attitude, skills and knowledge in science subjects

Strategic Statement

Science for life

Core values

Professionalism, hard work, team work, integrity, accountability, respect for individuals differences.

Strategic Analysis

We need the strategic plan so that to

a) Enhance performance in the sciences department

b) Integrate ICT in science teaching and learning.

c) To motivate learners and teachers to embrace practical approach to solving real life challenges.

d) Improve the school environment in term of environment conservation

Strategic Objectives

1. The science teachers to use practical approach in implementing and teaching science lessons

i. The science department has to come up with a tailor made lesson plan to suit the practical approach to teaching.

ii. A markers space to be set up in the school where learners will be carrying out their research work and hands on experiences as they integrate the concepts.

2. Using the resources availed teachers(science) will seek to incorporate ICT in the teaching and learning process. This is going to be possible with ICT Materials present.