Welcome to Mpeketoni Boys High School, the gate pass to the university. Our school Motto, ‘Walk an extra mile excel.’ is the pillar of the schools exceptional performance.

Being the only boys national school in Lamu County, the institution is renowned for its consistent academic excellence

We offer the best possible opportunities to our boys to become confident and thoughtful young people who are prepared for future challenges in the exiting and increasingly global world.

Our superb facilities and dedicated staff have enabled us to deliver our programs in an environment that is intimate, friendly and attuned to every specific educational need.

We aim at helping all learners get challenged in a supportive, secure and safe environment regardless of their varied abilities

With the sky being our limit, we ensure success for all by providing the learners with necessary skills to flourish in an ever changing and ever –demanding labor market

Mpeketoni Boys High School is carefully designed to be accessible and accommodates all learners including those with special needs

Other than academics, we equally offer a large scope of co-curricular activities ranging from sports, music, science and engineering fair, drama, scouting among others. This enables our boys to develop talents and skills required in the competitive world of sports and arts.