In line with the host motto of the school, “Walk an Extra Mile to Excel”, Mpeketoni Boys High School has been on academic powerhouse in Lamu County. The department has proved to be part in this academic excellence and also provision of technical skills, knowledge and attitudes to students to enable them fir well in the society. The department as at now offers the following subjects:

  • Agriculture
  • Business Studies
  • Computer Studies
  • Arabic
  • French (Recently Introduced)

The department provides practical skills in line with Competency Based Curriculum and not Karatasi Based Education. This enables students to transfer the skills they learn in and outside the classroom. This has enabled the learners to acquire skills such as writing skills, making presentations, organizational and leadership skills negatition and time management skills. These skills are applied in various subjects, Young Farmers Club, Peer teaching among others. Currently the members are:-

1. Mr. Njenga John – BIO/AGRI

2. Mr. Kiarie Joseph – Maths/B/Studies

3. Md. Kimberly Kanaga – Maths/Comp

4. Mr. Wambugu Daniel -Maths/Comp

5. Mr. Godfrey Mugambi -Maths/Business/Studies

6. Md. Ruth Gitau – BIO/AGRI

7. Mr. Derrick Mandela -BIO/AGRI

8. Md. Nuzla Kassim – Arabic/IRE

9. Mr. Nashon Gaapher – GEO/B/STUDIES

Here is abrief of the previous KCSE Results.

YEAR/SUBJECTS 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
AGRICULTURE 7.10 4.57 3.60 2.56 4.2 9.8
COMPUTER STUDIES   5.50 6.25 7.31 8.8 9.1
ARABIC   6.92 7.64 6.92 6.2 9.0
BUSINESS STUDIES   3.67 5.34 3.15 5.13 4.83
The good results are due to the competent and hardworking team. Even through we have not reached out targets, we believe we will be able to achieve it.

The department would like to appreciate the parents, school administration and stakeholders which ensure our school and the department is always at the top.

I urge the learners to own their learning process, not to do things because it is required of them, but because they are good for them . You need to read and read, more than studying for an exam or an assignment, but get involved in the processes.